Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The long lasting eyeliner that really does stay put from dawn till dusk

Clinique long lasting quickliner for eyesFinding a really good long lasting eyeliner can be hard – there are so many that say they will but fade away as the day goes on.  I’ve tried, tested and written about too many to count however there’s just one I’ve found that really does last all day and all night (if you forget to take it off it’ll still be there in the morning, more or less).

I included Clinique’s Quickliner Intense in my post The 10 beauty products every woman needs, but didn’t say very much about this particular product as I was still testing it at the time.  It’s now the only eye pencil in my makeup bag, handbag and travel bag because it is, quite simply, the best I’ve tried.

That doesn’t mean that a better one won’t come along, however the ability to combine longevity, ease of application and deClinique quickliner for eyes intensepth of colour make this a definite must-have right now.  It also has a very subtle shimmer other than the black version.

It comes in everyday colours such as Chocolate, Ivy and Charcoal plus originals Clove, Aubergine and Peridot.  Once applied you have 60 seconds to play – smudge, blend or correct and then it sets in place.

This is a brilliant eyeliner at a time when we’re all busy and don’t want to have to think about re-applying every few hours.  Definitely worth a go……
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