Thursday, 19 November 2015

The app that makes it easy to track down your favourite wine

Roar Pinot NoirWine Searcher is one of quite a few very good wine search engines, however from my experience it is also the easiest to use, with a desktop version anChateau Musard apps for Android and IOS.  And it’s been around for quite a while, improving all the time.

So the next time you’re in a restaurant trying a new wine which gets you immediately and you want to be able to drink it at home (which will also, inevitably, be less expensive) download Wine-Searcher or go to and you’ll find who stocks it locally or will ship to you.

Unlike some other wine searching facilities Wine-Searcher doesn’t care where you are.  You tell it which country and which state/county you’re in and it will do the rest.

Russian River Valley ChardonnayThere’s also a pro-version which will search even harder for you, even if it does come at a cost of about $45 dollars or 30 pounds sterling for a year, but if you love your wine and don’t want to lose something you’ve drunk recently you may well want to upgrade.

Wine-Searcher not only enables you to find the wine you’re looking for, in the currency you want it, and tells you who will send it to you and from where, but it also – inevitably – acts as a price comparison wine search.

If you want to do some extra research you may want to read Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide – this comes out every year and is the best selling annual guide on global wines, growers and wine regions.  It’s my go-to emergency Christmas gift for wine lovers.

And that one on the right?  Chateau d’Yquem – favourite Sauternes of all time.  Even though at a price……