Friday, 27 November 2015

How to choose clever gifts for cooks and foodies

This is a bit of a double edged sword.  There are literally thousands of gift ideas out there for cooks and foodies, whether expert or not.  The problem in particular with those who cook and/or love food, is that some of them, many of them, fall into the mundane category, and others are so clever they’re practically unusable.  Or they’re tech gadgets to be used once and then stored in a cupboard, never to come out again.

Nopi the Cookbook by Yotam OttolenghiKitchencraft SpiralizerGude Chai Dao 16cm knifeEva Solo citrus press and jugXD Design Planet pepper and salt set
If you’re buying a gift for a member of your family be careful that you give something that’s either clever or decorative.  That new Magimix food processor may be just what you need in your kitchen, but it’ll be seen as an excuse for a gift unless you agree on it in advance.
Laguiole cheese knife setOlive oil pourer with cork stopperApple peeler and corerEva Solo garlic press and storage jarMinosharp ceramic knife sharpener
Gadgets can be difficult unless they really are useful and something that makes life easier.  I wouldn’t give kitchen gifts unless I knew that a) the person needed it and b) it was something that I had used and enjoyed using. 
Slate cheeseboard and knife setBelkin iPad kitchen standRobert Welch pinch pot bowls with wooden standRobert Welch hand held knife sharpenerLe Creuset classic pepper mill
This is a collection of ideas that I’ve either been given or are on my Christmas list (kids are you listening?).  Decorative, fun and useful tools and gadgets are hard to get wrong.  The knife at the top, a Chai Dao is the best chopping knife I have ever come across, and this make, Gude, is hard to find.  The apple peeler and corer was given to me a few years back and is incredibly useful, particularly for Tarte Tatin, and the garlic press is good to look at and good to use.

Think hard about the person you’re buying for – what type of cooking they do, what colours they like, if they’re a traditionalist or a modern techie and go from there.