Friday, 23 October 2015

The new season's crop of Fitflop boots and sheepskin slippers

Fitflop cuffed boot with shearling liningHaving three dogs and living and working in an old house (think barn) that is positively icy in winter I need to be able to slip into something first thing in the morning that lets me go outside for a few moments if necessary (dogs) and will keep me cosy all day inside and on into the evening.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know about my addiction to Fitflop winter boots -  something to slip into which fills Fitflop suede shorty shearling lined ankle bootall requirements.  I try not to buy a new pair each winter but it’s extremely tempting with new styles and colours but always warm lined and easy to put on. I don’t go out shopping in them (let alone to lunch) as I think they’re better designed for home and garden, however the temptation is always there as once on you’ll forget you’re wearing them….

You’ll find the best selection of Fitflop winter boots at Cloggs and John Lewis and there’s a good range of colours.  Make sure that you order the shearling lined boots if warmth is what you’re after.  They’re quite generous but I like the extra room so that I can wear socks as well if I want to.

Ladies Emmy Sheepskin Slippers at PerillaAs far as sheepskin slippers go the best quality you can find are by Shepherd of Sweden and you can order them at Perilla.  There are slippers for men, women and children and some wShepherd of Sweden rubber soled sheepskin slippersith rubber soles for going outside in if you have to and others strictly for inside, so make sure you read the blurb.

There’s nothing nicer than warm feet in winter.  My all time favourites never let me down