Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Christophe Lemaire–From Hermes to Uniqlo–a clever collaboration

Lemaire for Uniqlo lambswool belted wrap cardiganChristophe Lemaire previously artistic director of womenswear at Hermes, has a new collaboration with Uniqlo launching in just a couple of days – Uniqlo and Lemaire.

There are no surprises any more when luxury designers collaborate with mass market outlets – think of the publicity.  Think of the £££.  However, when a designer moves from the haute luxury oLemaire for Uniqlo ivory scarf sweater, top and skirtf Hermes (where he was artistic director of womenswear) to launching his own label to working with Uniqlo in what seems to be a very short breath you might think again.

The cleverness of this is that Lemaire’s modern, minimalist and timeless designs suit Uniqlo perfectly.  Think high quality fabrics and yarns, pieces anyone could wear anytime, that will never go out of date, that work Lemaire for Uniqlo red cashmere sweatertogether, and you can see how this can be a marriage made in heaven.

The collection is for both men and women, and focuses on luxury such as wool and cashmere, cotton poplin, Melton wool and cashmere for coats plus water repellent cotton for raincoats and jackets. 

If you want to have any chance of being one of the first to buy into the Uniqlo and Lemaire collection, which is bound to fly out of the stores and off website you can shop online at Uniqlo at midnight on October 2nd, or at Uniqlo Regent Street, London from 9am, and other main Uniqlo stores at 10.am.