Monday, 21 September 2015

The longest lasting eyeliner, concealer, and Sephora's essential baked palette -

These are three I have tried very recently and they’re now firmly in my beauty product bag and go with me everywhere.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner Pencil in Barbarella BrownCharlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘n Khol liquid eyeliner pencil is not one you want to put in with your other eye pencils and think ‘oh I’ll just use that one today’.  This is serious stuff.  You need to be a bit careful how you apply it (and where) as once on it’s quite hard to move – in fact it’ll be there the next morning if you allow it. 

The pencil has a very soft texture and extremely dense colour.  If you look at her cosmetic line you’ll see that subtle is not what is intended, however you can have it both ways and use this pencil carefully and in a not ‘over the top way’.  It definitely wins my eyeliner prize for this autumn/winter season.  I have it in Barbarella Brown.
Don’t be put off by the way these products are being marketed – as the ultimate in va va voom, you may want that, alternatively you can use them in a more subtle way and get the best of both worlds.Hourglass Corrective Concealer

Hourglass and Charlotte Tilbury have great products with gorgeous packaging which makes them irresistible (and perfect gifts, by the way).  You can’t beat them for modern glamour.  Happily the products I’ve tried have matched the quality of the ‘wrappings’.  I started with Hourglass trio Ambient Lighting Palette which as the name suggests is all about highlighting and love it although it’s a bit too chunky to carry around.

New concealers are always of interest and I’ve now fallen in love with the Hourglass Corrective Concealer.  It has a smooth texture, doesn’t cake, gives excellent coverage and moisturises at the same time.  You’ll find it at both Net-a-Porter and SpaceNK.  I also love the fact that this is small enough to slip into my makeup bag and go with me anywhere. 

Sephora baked sculpting trio in SweetFinally on to Sephora’s wonderful baked sculpting contour trio, which you will have to order from the US but is worth every penny (unless you have someone there – or in France - you can get to send it to you).  Including duty and shipping they’ll set you back just over £20 per palette.

The high quality contour trio contains three colours and I went for Sweet, as one sweep of this and you’ll get an all day glow which you can touch up using the blush, bronzer or highlighter individually if you want to.

I’ve also tried Sublime, which is more of a warm highlighter with three grades of colour and less useful, but great to use also.

I don’t usually advocate ordering products from abroad unless I know them really well because it can be a nuisance if you want to return something (and we’re all so used to next day delivery), but this one is really worth getting.  Don’t just order one, keep one in your handbag and one at home and get a couple for gifts.  You won’t regret it.