Monday, 7 September 2015

10 ways to organise your tote and swap bags in a second with the help of J Crew, Charlotte Tilbury and Ted Baker

If you’re one of those people who loves to carry a tote (as I do) and takes it with you everywhere (as I do) and then can’t find anything inside because it’s simply so big the thing you want the most just disappears to the bottom then read on.  This is the way to organise your tote the easy way and change bags in a split second.
Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics purseMarc by Marc Jacobs printed cosmetics caseCoach leather cosmetic purse
I’ve tried those bags-within-a-bag that hold everything and I’ve found those tricky to manage, maybe it’s just me…..

Ted Baker small floral cosmetics purseAerin Ikat print small cosmetics caseCatseye small cosmetic or wash bag

By far the simplest way is to organise your ‘stuff’ into three groups, have three separate zipped pouches and go from there.  So far so good.  The problem is that when you have a really attractive tote bag, designer or otherwise, you don’t want to have anything inside that you don’t love, nor that’s going to weigh it down once you take phone, charger, makeup, pens, glasses, sunglasses, Ibuprofen and everything else into account.  Not to mention iPad and book.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen makeup pouchTracey Tanner Medium Zip Pouch at J CrewHeathcote and Ivory William Morris print cosmetics purse

Having explored the options my current favourites are these three, a small but beautiful makeup purse by Ted Baker, a very lightweight zipped pouch for Ibuprofen, allergy pills etc – and another quite small very light zipped leather purse  by J Crew which will, at a pinch, hold a small charger, cable, headphones and phone because I never Charlotte Tilbury lips cosmetic baggo anywhere without those, either.

Any and all of these will work on their own or together and moreover, so important when you’re choosing this type of product, they all weigh next to nothing.

There’s a very good selection of lightweight zipped pouches and purses at John Lewis, Selfridges and, ranging from designer to plain leather and serious to amusing.  You really want your makeup and tech accessories pouches to be no more than 20cm wide, and any single pouch as long as it’s very light and quite narrow no more than 30cm wide..

You may think this is a lot to carry around, but it certainly simplifies things when swapping bags and hunting for things, not only that but these are a pleasure to use.  You may just want to give it a try and get rid of all of the junk…….