Friday 28 August 2015

The best app for travel planning and the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Lucky enough to be invited on a serious birthday treat I left Dallas yesterday for San Francisco. Flying time is 3.5 hours which was longer than I expected. Several escalators and a train ride later during which my four wheel bag nearly escaped and tripped me up, but not at exactly, the same time the car rental came into view.

You should know, if you fly into San Francisco airport that to do anything involves many escalators and a train ride, so pack accordingly - needless to say I hadn't.

The drive to Half Moon Bay is quick and easy. The views here are incredible. The Ritz Carlton sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by a mammoth golf course it's a huge, imposing but not beautiful hotel outside at least although completely made up for by the location, the service, and the amenities. Inside it is lovely - huge again - and unfaultable.

This trip is going to include something I have always hankered after, a drive part way down the Pacific Highway via Carmel and down to Los Angeles So watch this space.  I hope to update daily....

Did I mention a travellers app? Seriously, the best one to keep you sane if you're planning multiple stops, restaurant, bookings, flights and more is TripIt.

Planning to create a detailed itinerary the old fashioned way (no comment) I found TripIt and I'm now addicted to it. Download it, input your travel plans and bookings and you have everything stored for instant access including maps and directions. If you travel, you need it. Just don't forget to take a car charger with you if you're driving anywhere. That GPS will run your battery down before you can say Jack Flash.

Today involves a 6 mile walk up the Coastal Trail to Sam's Chowder House and back.  So I'll be back later with pics.

And just for info I'm now 8 hours behind y'all in the UK so don't expect early posts.......