Saturday, 29 August 2015

New sun care beauty discoveries plus Sam’s Chowder house and whale watching along the Pacific coast.

Always on the look-out for new beauty discoveries, and ridiculously having gone for a six mile walk yesterday which started out cloudy and ended up sunny and without proper protection I investigated the products on offer here for sun care and re-hydrating parched skin.

I’m always the one telling the kids they don’t use enough sunscreen, and there I was walking a sunny trail right by the sea.  Luckily I don’t burn easily but it made me think.  Today my little Nike backpack will have extra water, high SPF sun cream and I’ll also be wearing my hat.  Wind, sea air and sun do nothing to help hair, but more of that tomorrow.

Coola classic sunscreenCoola Mineral sunscreen for faceCoola SPF 50 sport classic sunscreen fresh mangoCoola Radical Recovery after sun lotion

Coola Sun Care is a US brand I hadn’t come across before and it’s not easy to find in the UK.  Luxurious, pampering and eco-conscious, the range includes SPF 30 and 50 sport sprays, moisturising lotions with not overpowering but delicious fragrances such as mango and mimosa, and face SPF 30 moisturising sunscreen both tinted and untinted, mineral and classic versions and in cooling cucumber fragrance.

Then there’s Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion which you can also use as a body moisturiser, and LipLuxe lip balm SPF 15 in Peppermint Vanilla.

The reviews I’ve read for these products are pretty much above the board excellent.  What I particularly like about them is the smooth fluid texture and the subtle fragrance, making sun care skin care luxurious.  And the packaging is pretty gorgeous as well.  Not that that really matters…..

Sam’s Chowder House – on the road up the Pacific Coast a little way north of Half Moon Bay sits this crowded buzzy relaxed restaurant serving everything fishy including their famous lobster roll (no I didn’t but it looked incredibly decadent) and the best seafood salad I’ve ever had.  The menu is extensive, the service speedy, the car park always full and the view over the Pacific is wonderful. 

If you’re in the area you have to go there.  Book if you can although if you go early enough at lunch or dinner you’ll more than likely get in. 

Sam’s Chowder House - 4210 N. Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019  •  (650) 712-0245
My walk along the Coastal Trail didn’t quite get me to Sam’s yesterday as the road itself is straight, but the trail most definitely isn’t.  On the way we had a fabulous sighting of whales out to sea – needless to say they were too quick to get a pic.  More walking today, hopefully to Barbara’s Fishtrap.  Or maybe back to Sam’s.  It remains to be seen…….