Friday, 14 August 2015

Michael Kors Kauai shades and where to find designer brand sunglasses for less

I spotted Michael Kors Kauai sunglasses in House of Fraser earlier this week,  looking for something not outrageously shaped (because I look ridiculous in them), not rimless – too easy to break but flattering with a twist.  Needless to say I tried them on but thought they were a little pricey.

Michael Kors Kauai Sunglasses tortoishell and rose pinkMichael Kors Kauai Sunglasses black with pale blue green

Looking at the premium brands such as Chanel and Dior and bearing in mind how often most of us wear our sunglasses it seems to make sense to pay an investment price, but designer sunglasses on the whole are not impulse buys although there are many now you can add to your collection without breaking the bank. - Great quality coupled with a designer name if you want it.  After all you have more than one handbag so why not more than one pair of sunglasses – a pair for every mood?  Probably not.

Michael Kors Kauai sunglasses ticked every box for me, the perfect classic/modern shape which suits most people, a twist in the added colour, and a price ticket that was up there but not so much so that put them out of range.

Where to find designer sunglasses for less:  Most of us walk into a store, try on loads of pairs until we find one we like, and then buy them immediately.  If  you want them NOW then that's the way you're going to do it.  If you can hold off, you should make a note of the designer and style number (and name if there is one) and forcibly remove yourself from the store.

Get on the internet and go to Glasses 123 and check to see if your sunglasses are there, you may well be.  The ones above were, at a very good discount, which is what this website specialises in.  You may also find a discount voucher.  Happy days.......