Monday, 3 August 2015

Makeup that won’t melt in the heat–on your face or in your bag–and the perfect mini makeup brush set

Having spent the past two weeks in 100 degrees+ and leaving a post-gym makeup bag with my gym things in the car the entire time I’ve inadvertently carried out an excellent test on what will and what won’t withstand the heat for a long period of time but will emerge every day ready to use and without a melting moment in sight.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty BalmGuerlain compact cream foundation and concealerNars light reflecting pressed setting powderDior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

You may think that all cosmetics are designed this way, but after dire warnings from the Clinique girls at Neiman’s about not leaving makeup in the car, and some products definitely suffering heat stroke and needing to be ditched I’ve narrowed it down to these favourites, several of which are multi tasking.

Clinique new sculptionary cheek paletteBobbi Brown shimmer lip colourBobbi Brown mini lip and eye paletteClinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in EgyptianTrish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper

So if you’re off to Arizona – Texas – or a 100 degree spell in the South of France you can tote these with you safe in the knowledge they’ll see you through.  Not that we Japonesque mini brush setdon’t all love a quick trip to Sephora, but you want to be able to choose what you buy, and not need to replace something that’s turned into a molton mess.

One other item you’ll need with you is a mini brush set, and this is my all time, reasonably priced favourite that goes with me everywhere.  You can pay far more (and also find much cheaper brushes), but this covers just about everything.  It also comes in it’s own little case.

Notes:  The Clinique compact in the Nudes colourway is more…nude than shown here, and has three different shades for sculpting.

I chose Bobbi Brown’s shimmer lipstick in Brown.  There are lots of other colours and they’ll all stay the course.  Here’s more on summer nude lipsticks.

Bobbi Brown’s lip and eye palette contains two lip shades, a shimmery lip gloss and three highly pigmented colours.  I use the darkest as a liner and dampen the brush.  If I’m in a hurry and just want a quick and beautifully coloured eye-liner pencil I use Clinique’s Cream Shaper in Egyptian – a deep black/olive.