Sunday, 23 August 2015

Let your fitness socks do the talking–Feetures neon bright performance socks have unusual personality.

Feetures Running SocksI don’t usually write posts about socks, sports or otherwise.  However, having been taken completely by seeing these deliciously bright socks on the stand in the US, bought two pairs and found them to be not only extremely pleasing on the eye but very comfortable as well (and they wash and dry perfectly) I thought I should write about them here.

Feetures is a US based innovative performance sports sock company offering socks of various lengths from no show tab to knee high, and cushioFeatures Running Socks main pagening from light to heavy.  You’ll find them also in a merino blend and with or without compression.

Needless to say what struck me, as I just wanted socks for the gym, was the crazy bright colours, which include electric pink, bright green aFeetures socks black trainers 2nd coral as well as grey and pale blue.  Up until now I’ve just thought of workout socks as a necessity, and bought the cheapest I can find.  These socks have changed my mind completely, so if you like a little neon bright addition to your sleek black trainers and gym pants you could give these a go. 

Features socks come in quieter colours as well, of course, and everything has the expressive Features logo, but from now on you’ll be able to spot me instantly by my socks……

You can also find the single colour (no contrast toe) at Amazon.