Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to walk/run in the rain and not get wet–10 of the best all weather running jackets and the Katy Trail Dallas.

Adidas by Stella McCartney printed running jacketIf you’re a regular runner and don’t care about the odd downpour then this is not for you.  But if you’re an occasional or newbie runner/walker and hate not going out, probably because you don’t want to see a dip in your fitness app stats (is that you?), then you’ll need to find out about these excellent options for staying dry.

Nike Impossibly Light running jacket with fitted hoodNike T2 hooded shell jacketSweaty Betty all weather protector jacket
As anyone who knows me well will tell you I intensely dislike a) stopping whatever it was I wanted to do fitness wise and b) getting wet.  So in the spring and summer I look for a lightweight jacket with a hood, in a fabric that will keep me dry in the heaviest downpour and enough pockets to keep my iPhone, headphones and whatever else I have with me out of the rain but still to hand.

Nike Rain Runner jacketUnder Armour Storm running jacketKarrimore Sierra Ladies running jacket

You can find these at a wide range of prices and a wide choice of colours, think before you go for black if you’re going to be out somewhere you want to be easily seen, as brighter colours will make you stand out.  And don’t buy anything without a hood.  It’s always going to rain….sometime.

Nike Vapour 5 Running jacketOMM Aeon JacketNike Vapour running jacket

The Katy TKaty Trailrail – Dallas
Out here in Dallas the chance of rain seems very small at this time of year although if there is a storm it’s usually torrential. You walk or run in the least number of clothes possible as it is hot, hot, hot, as I found again walking five miles on the Katy Trail yesterday.  But worth every minute.  The Katy Trail, 3.5 miles long, runs through the most highly populated areas of Dallas following the path of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, which was known as MKT or the Katy. 

There’s no traffic (of course) you have right of way when crossing major roads on the Katy Trail, and there are landscaped tracks for runners and cyclists with benches and drinking fountains along the way.  The most important things to take with you on the Katy Trail are water, headphones and music.  And go for it.