Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fly for less using this brilliant app that tells you when to fly and buy

hopper app
You already know that there are days when it’s best to book your flight, times of the year when it’s going to be cheapest to fly, but until now there hasn’t been (at least if there is I haven’t found it before) an app that gives you an accurate heads up on when it’s best to book for your chosen dates, without your having to keep looking it up.

Hopper does just that - input the details of where you want to go and you can instantly see from the monthly grids when it’s going to be cheapest, with red dates being the most expensive and green the least.

You’ll immediately get a round trip price for your chosen dates, a Price Prediction on how likely the prices are to vary, and when, and you can click on ‘Watch this Trip’, letting Hopper notify you when the prices change.

You may find that some of the airlines aren’t yet included in the Hopper app or online at but the message is the same – You can find out the best time to book, so check your favourite airline’s schedule and you’ll find the best deal there as well when you get a price reduction notification from Hopper.

On the website at you’ll find the same flight prices but even more information, such as an airline fee calculator so you can see how much your flight would be with extra bags and more legroom.

By far the best way to use Hopper is via the app – frankly I wouldn’t travel anywhere without it.