Thursday, 16 July 2015

An astonishingly good hair brush by Mark Hill and lunch at Cecconi’s London.

Mark Hill Big Blow Out Hair BrushHaving searched far and wide (and bought and thrown away more hair brushes than I care to remember) I’ve finally found one that does everything that I want it to, speeds up drying, and makes an every day task so much easier.

Mark Hill’s Big Blow Out barrel brushes carry a lot of hype with them along the ‘infused with Moroccan Argan Oil’ type, but I have to confess that my normal cynicism has had to take a back seat as these two, the Big Blow Out large round brush, and medium round brush, have replaced anything I used before.

They’re not expensive, nor the cheapest on the market.  The handles make them extremely easy to hold and they glide through wet or dry hair without catching.  You can find them at Boots.

Cecconis Burlington Gardens

On to…..lunch at Cecconi’s.  The friend/agent who I met in London yesterday suggested that we should try somewhere new, and recommended Cecconi’s.  Cecconi’s in Burlington Gardens is quite hard to get into, so we had to be there at mid-day.  I liked the design of the restaurant although my friend didn’t, as the tables are quite close together and it is quite noisy, but you’d expect that of somewhere so popular.

cecconis london pastaOn the website they offer a set lunch, in the restaurant we were told that it didn’t exist any more which was more than a little annoying, offset by the fact that we shared a starter and went for salads as a main course.  The bill with coffee in total came to £46 for two which let’s face it isn’t at all bad for that area of London.

I’m sorry I can’t report back on the pasta, I’m sure it’s very good, all the food looked excellent.  So I’ll definitely go back, although I’d like a response to the set menu question, which of course I have sent to them.  You can have breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner there.  Try the eggs Benedict if you go for breakfast (and are not on a diet), the crudites with avocado and chick pea dip to start Cecconis london cheesecakewith, followed by the chicken and toasted almond salad for lunch – or pasta – and the wild berries cheesecake for pud.  And no, I didn’t.

Cecconi’s, 76 Burlington Gardens, +44 (0)20 7434 1500 or book via  If you have no luck on the website give them a call.
Try and book well in advance.