Monday, 13 July 2015

6 gadgets to keep you charged on the go

There are thousands of portable and plug in ways of keeping your various phones, tablets etc charged on the go so sorting through them can sometimes be a bit of a minefield.  I’ve narrowed it down to 6 by reliable brands, which I take with me everywhere.  Some of these duplicate tasks but vary in size, but because you can use them all at home as well they’re extremely useful.

EasyAcc 10,000 mAh portable chargerAll time favourite is the EasyAcc charger with two USB ports.  It carries quite a punch at 10,000mAh and although with that amount of charging power isn’t the very lightest it’s still light enough to carry around in a handbag. 

Keep it charged up and then use it around the house as well.  This one is excellent for days out.  It comes in lots of different colours so you can identify which kid 'borrowed' yours when it vanishes.

This next, Anker’s mini portable charger, is much smaller and lighter, and has 3350mAh of Anker mini portable chargerpower.  Again it will charge up your smartphone with ease from its single USB port but will give you the equivalent of one full charge for an iPhone 6.

I use mine for walking and hiking when I’m probably using a fitness app, playing music, and sometimes my phone all at the same time which of course drains the battery at speed.  It will fit in a pocket or in a rucksack and you won’t notice it’s there until you need it.  Colour variations again including silver, pink and gold.

4 USB International ChargerFor when you’re somewhere with wall sockets this 4 USB charger is invaluable as needless to say you can charge everything at once. 

It has interchangeable plugs for wherever you are, an extra fast charge socket for your iPad and it will tell you when charging is completed.  It’s also very light.

Tecknet Portable Charger 16000 mAh
The daddy of them all of these where portable charging is concerned is the TeckNet 2 port charger with 16,000 mAh.  It’s not the lightest, of course but it will keep you going for a whole weekend if necessary so is perfect for overnight bags and camping trips.  It’s also useful in the house when you’re somewhere it’s not easy to plug in and you’ve let your phone or iPad run low.

Anker iPhone charging cableNone of these chargers come with cables of course, other than micro USB cables to charge themselves, and one charging cable is never enough – I find I want one with each charger which stays with it so you’re never hunting for that elusive charging cable that you left somewhere.

Anker – an extremely reliable brand, offers charging cables in different lengths and colours, easy to identify and very usable.  I use the short cable, just under 1m in length, for the larger portable chargers and a longer one for the lipstick shaped charger as this may be in my rucksack or pocket whilst charging while my phone’s in my hand.

Finally, and not strictly a gadget, is a soft zippered case to carry all of this around with you.  It Soft Case for Gadgetsfits all of the above or whichever gadget you take with you on any particular day or trip, and has a small zippered front pocket which will keep a pair of sunglasses safe, or your headphones, or whatever else you choose. 

Because of the size of the tote bags so many of us carry around with us, and scrabbling around for stuff in the bottom of any weekend bag or handbag is annoying, I find this totally invaluable.  It’s also very useful for changing from one bag to another.