Saturday, 20 June 2015

2 of the best jeans for curvy girls

Marks & Spencer Per Una Roma Rise stretch jeggingsIt can be hard to find a beautifully fitting, comfy (yes that too) pair of jeans if you’re curvy.  There are thousands of pairs of ‘low rise’ jeans out there, all of which I pass by, as they don’t suit me, let’s leave it at that.  If you’re curvy Per Una Roma Rise Perfect Sculpt slim leg jeanstoo you may well feel the same way.

I only wear jeans that are on my waist, that look good whether I sit down or stand up, and – my taste – are very slim or skinny in the leg.  The two brands I favour are at opposite ends of the spectrum price wise – M&S and NYJD (or not your daughter’s jeans).  You’ll never catch me in a pair of flares (been there, done that), nor boot leg, straight leg or anything else leg jeans.  If you’re curvy, or short (and I’m both) you want jeans that flatter you from the get go, and these do.

Marks & Spencer’s Roma Rise stretch jeggings are as good as anything you’ll find in terms of colour and fit, with a high percentage of elastane they wear beautifully and wash beautifully and I wear them (stretch skinny jeans by any other name) pretty much any day of the week.  They come in black as well.

Autograph X-FIT slim leg denim jeansIf you want a mid blue pair you can try Per Una Roma Rise Perfect Sculpt and Lift denim jeans which come in a traditional mid blue.  They have very slightly less elastane but still enough to fit and flatter and be comfortable.  Just a nPer Una Speziale jeans with modalote, anything Roma Rise will have the same fit (obvious maybe).  Short is perfect for 5’3” and the most classic styles and colours tend to sell out first although they are replenished.

Finally there’s recently discovered Autograph X-FIT modal blend jeggings and jeans.  Slightly (very slightly) more expensive with a high quality feel to the fabric and a little more fitted on the waist.  These sell out really fast so you have to keep checking back for your size.  And the top of the M&S range are the Per Una Speziale denim jeans with modal, which come in both boot leg and skinny styles and have a lovely sheen.  Again they sell out fast.

NYJD clay stretch jeansNYJD, or Not Your Daughter’s Jeans originally, are one of the fastest NYJD slim leg jeansgrowing brands of jeans both here and on the other side of the pond, where they originate (LA).  They’re designed to ‘make you feel a size smaller’, with their own lift tuck technology and a slimming panel at the front which you won’t notice when you wear them it’s so woven into the fabric.  According to their website they’re the number 1 selling brand of jeans in the USA, which doesn’t really surprise me as who doesn’t want to wear shape enhancing well fitting jeans?

Inevitably they’re less expensive in the US, however if you’re thinking of investing in a designer pair of jeans you should try them wherever you are if you’re curvy and, like me, have an intense dislike of sacrificing comfort for style, which never really works anyway.

NYJD black skinny jeansThere are lots of designers now offering high rise jeans with stretch, and these are really what the curvy girl needs whatever the size, however both M&S and NYJD have nailed it so perfectly that unless you want to try on 100s of pairs (and I don’t) or shell out £100s which is all too easy, and then find that you’ve ended up with the wrong pair, you, like me, may be happy as Larry with these two favourites.

You’ll find NYJD available at John Lewis and Jules B Boutique.