Friday, 12 June 2015

Sparkle Fitflop Novy Sandal Review
No summer is quite right without the addition of a new pair of Fitflops. I walk long distances in them, have been known to run in airports in them, lounge about in them and usually lose one at some stage to a Fitflop chewing puppy which of course gives me the excuse to buy a new pair.

This year it's the Fitflop Novy in nude. Sparkling sand coloured suede with a tan coloured wobble board base and lots of sparkle.

Today I've walked over five miles in my Fitflops, which says quite a bit. The daughter wouldn't be seen in a pair, too chunky, she says, and carries on with sore feet. Cute shoes, commented the American in the National Gallery where I had lunch today. Personally I feel strongly that any shoe that isn't a trainer that allows you to walk such a distance in 80 degrees and feel sane at the end of it deserves a medal. Or another pair at least.

The Novy comes in flame and navy (Novy navy? Hmm......) and all sparkle. The nude go with everything. This years Fitflop is the best yet. And the puppy's getting nowhere near them.

By the way I can't comment on their much hyped bum enhancing capabilities. All I can say is I don't go anywhere without them.

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