Friday, 15 May 2015

Transfer photos and videos wirelessly between iPhone, iPad and Computer the easy way

Simple Transfer photos and videos between devicesHaving just set up a new iPhone 6 in the UK and now another in the US (for a colleague) I realised after a brief struggle that while it may be easy to sync anything purchased from iTunes, plus contacts, via iTunes, and photos alone are reasonably simple – those precious home videos you’ve carefully stored on your old phone may not transfer across as you'd like them to.

There are also occasions when you want photos or videos from a friend's phone transferred on to yours, or from an old phone, where you just want the pics and videos, nothing else.

There are quite a few programs offering to make video and photo transfer easy and quick, but the one I’ve found that works exactly as it says on the tin is Simple Transfer Pro.  Pro because you have to pay £2.50 or $2.99 for the upgraded version but don’t hesitate, you don’t want to be limited in the number of transfers.

You can transfer your pictures and videos wirelessly directly from device to device – iPhone to new iPhone, iPhone to iPad etc, or to your PC and the steps are as follows:

Simple Transfer Choose Device ScreenSimple Transfer Select Pictures and Videos ScreenSimple Transfer sending screen
Download the Simple Transfer Pro App on to each of the devices you want to use (you only have to pay once).

Open the app on each device and select the devices (or computer) tab at the foot of the screen.

Allow it to access your photos and videos.

Select the device you want to transfer to from the host device (left hand screenshot above) and click on it, Simple Transfer will then ask you to select the album you want to send.  You can select all, or just tick some of the images or videos (middle screenshot above).

Click Send, then select the destination by clicking on the right arrow that appears beside ‘Camera Roll’ which is where you can create a new album if you want to, then Start, and you will see the connection appear on the device you’re sending to.

At the end your image or video will be saved into your chosen destination.

If you have a lot of pictures and/or videos to transfer my advice is to have a couple of trial runs with just a few, creating new albums and seeing how this works.  Then you can ‘Select All’.  Videos can take a while so be prepared to be patient.

I’m really impressed with this app, making something that seemed tricky and frequently slow and clunky as easy as pie.