Thursday, 28 May 2015

The prettiest bras to wear under white and sheer

At this time of year it’s away with wintery clothing colours and hello to white, ivory, sheer and soft clear layers.  This can create an immediate problem, as you may or may not want what you wear underneath to show through your pristine white shirts and t-shirts.  Or an opportunity, as there are some really pretty, sexy and not too expensive neutral coloured bras out there for all shapes and sizes.
 It’s so easy to pull an old (or boring) nude or beige bra out of the drawer as the easy option, but with a philosophy (mine) that goes - what you wear underneath can make you feel as good as what you wear on top - I’m a firm believer in pretty under-things wherever. 

My favourites here are the collection of neutral bras by DKNY (which has sold out in many stores so don’t wait) and John Lewis’s ‘oh so pretty’ Marilyn push up bra.

You can, of course, make a statement, and wear shocking pink or neon orange underneath something sheer or pale, but much of the time the prettiest nude and pale beige bras will do the job perfectly.  The problem is that so many nude bras are extremely basic and some shades of nude are not very flattering.  Take a look at the results of my hunt for the best and prettiest and consider investing in one of these.

Remember that white and palest ivory will show through white, as will all-over lace and anything seamed, so you’re looking for something that may well be called a ‘t-shirt bra’ which sounds boring in itself but frequently isn’t.