Friday, 1 May 2015

Ringke case for iPhone 6 with lanyard attachment - product review

Ringke Max Iphone 6 Case with Lanyard Slot by RearthI’m really fussy when it comes to a new smartphone case.  And looking at my iPhone 6 with its larger area of screen than my previous iPhone 5 I not only wanted something that looked good, but was more protective than I’d had before.  The Ringke Max case for iPhone 6 does the job perfectly.

I look for the following – I don’t want to be one of those who contribute to the sea of black cases so many people have -

It has to look good
It has to be protective
I have to be able to spot my phone in my bag instantly
I need a lanyard attachment.

This last rules out about 98% of cases as very few seem to want to do what I do when I have no bag and no pockets, which is to be able to hang my phone about my person.  Having an optional lanyard which I can take on and off allows me to walk around with my phone and never lose it.  Nor do I forget where I’ve put it. 

Having spent literally hours searching I discovered this via a forum where people were searching for the same attributes.  Searching on Amazon only brought up some very clunky cheap looking versions, frequently in either extremely bright colours or the alternative of black.

Ringke by Rearth have designed three cases for iPhone 6, the most protective of which is the hybrid case the Ringke Max.  This not only has an external lanyard attachment (which means you don’t need to take the case off to attach a wrist or neck strap) but it comes in colours to match the iPhone 6 such as black, gunmetal, champagne (which they call Royal Gold) and white.

This is not one of those iPhone cases that’s going to save  your phone if you drop it from a great height onto a stone floor, but it will protect it against every day knocks and bumps.  It has dust covers for your charger and headphone slots which don’t get in the way, and a very easily accessible lanyard slot.