Saturday, 4 April 2015

And the French horn player wore Louboutin–Baden-Baden Easter Festival Night 1

Oasis Black Lace DressFor the first of four evenings at the Baden-Baden Easter Festival featuring the Berlin Philharmonic with Simon Rattle I have to say I was slightly overdressed going by the incoming crowd in a little black lace dress and very high heels.   No Carvela Peep Toe Sparkle Heelsdoubt as I dress down a little this evening (another Little Black Dress) and heels I can actually walk in all evening, everyone else will dress up more.  No matter.

Yesterday evening the program was startling particularly in the first half, before Maestro Rattle appeared, by the fact that the orchestra ensembles played perfectly together undirected.  The first part was by Handel, with a brass ensemble from the Berlin Philharmonic, followed by Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater.  This link goes to a recording with Anna Netrebko.

Christian Louboutin Black Leather pumps
I couldn’t help but notice that the single female in the brass ensemble was wearing a pair of very high red soled heels, which I assumed, obviously, was a pair by Christian Louboutin, how she managed a French horn as well I couldn’t say, but she most certainly did.  I thought the combination of music and high fashion excellent.  Berlin Phil?  Handel?  Louboutin?  Of course.

The second half was conducted by Simon Rattle and consisted of music by Schubert and Strauss.  I found Strauss’ Metamorphosis quite difficult as I don’t know it (more studying needed) and daydreamed about shoes.  Enough already.