Monday, 9 March 2015

The new crop of colourful fitness footwear and where to find your next pair of trainers for less

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31When you think about what to wear to the gym with regards to fitness footwear do you slip into your old pair of trainers and ‘just do it?’ Or do you go for something modern, flattering and bright?  Which yes, requires investment, but if it helps just a little to get you moving has to be worth it. 

Asics Gel 18Nike Zoom Vomero 9Gel Noosa Tri 10
Looking around me at the gym I go to, it’s definitely colour for preference, the brighter the better, and you’ll be amazed how many notice your shoes. 

People workout to have fun, to chat as they’re on the bike, to show off on the chin assist, basically to have a good time, socially and otherwise.  There can definitely be added benefits to going to the gym if you want them, take The Times recent article, ‘Why gyms, not bars are the best places to flirt’.  So if you do want to get noticed, or if you don’t, and just want to brighten up your work-out, a colourful pair of trainers is a good place to start.

Nike Zoom Structure 18Nike Zoom Pegasus Neon YellowNew Balance 1080v4
In any case, in the same way that putting on a pair of shoes that don’t flatter you won’t make you feel great, putting on your old trainers not only could do you harm health-wise, but won’t help with motivation or, if you want it, getting you noticed.  There’s nothing like a pair of neon yellow Nikes do do that and no, mine are fuchsia.  Or orange, depending where I am.

Saucony womens running shoeNike Zoom Fit Agility Mesh SneakersNike Zoom Vomero 9 Blue and Pink
And as we become more used to wearing workout-wear to the shops, or at the school gates, and as there are more and more interesting, flattering, colourful options, make sure your footwear is in tune.

New Balance 870v4Nike Purple Zoom Vomero 9New Balance Running Shoe
The new crop of fitness footwear definitely has fun in mind.  It’s bright, some might say overly colourful with clashing colours and logos, but once you’ve invested in a pair you’ll never be able to go backwards.  The joy of wearing colourful trainers is that really it doesn’t matter what else you throw on.  Black capris?  No problem.  Nutty printed leggings?  No problem either.  With whatever you choose to wear on top.

These are all fitness trainers that will see you at the gym or out running.  I have not included any ‘barefoot running’ trainers, as to think of them as running shoes or good for high impact of any kind could be misleading if you need quite a lot of cushioning/support.

You can find many of last season's and even this season's trainers for less at two really good fitness Websites; Start Fitness and Wiggle, so when you find a style and brand you really like you should click there first to see if they have them at a discount.  You may be amazed.

The other great thing about all of this is that it really doesn’t matter about how fit you are, or what size you are, the whole point of working out, or running, or whatever you choose to do for fitness these shoes say ‘I’m having, or going to have, a good time.’  So get on with it.  The excuses for being a couch potato are diminishing rapidly.