Tuesday 3 March 2015

Milos Mediterranean Restaurant New York–Restaurant Reviews

Milos Restaurant New York
This is going to be a series of three ‘Places to Eat’ posts from my recent trip to New York.  I thought of putting them all in one post but these restaurants are all such marvelleous places to eat and so individual that you’re going to get them separately.

Estiatorio Milos is a Greek restaurant well known to New Yorkers and on most Zagat lists of the best places to eat in New York.  Operating out of a huge high room (if you can call it a room) the noise level is astonishing, so don’t go there if you’re looking for a quiet meal.  Nor if you’re trying to save the pennies, as if you choose your fish for dinner from the fantastic display of iced fish and shellfish you won’t be certain of the price until you get your bill – the price goes by the weight of the fish.

The service is truly excellent despite the number of people, I’ve never been when this place has not been full, nor have I had to wait, so you can go there hungry and know you’ll be fed and looked after quickly.

Places to Eat New York - Milos Restaurant
I had grilled Mediterranean octopus, and a Milos speciality which wasn’t on the menu, but an insider I was with knew about, which was their puree of fava beans with onion.  Followed by a Greek salad with some of the most flavourful tomatoes I have ever come across, in Greece, Italy or elsewhere.  Ask them to leave the bottle of extra virgin olive oil on the table in case you want extra, and drink Greek wines from the wine list unless you really want to splash out.

The starter was followed by a snapper from the fish display, simply and beautifully grilled and accompanied by perfectly cooked broccoli.  Dessert?  What dessert?  Absolutely no room.  There are several you can choose from if you get that far including Baklava or Loukoumades – dough fritters with cinnamon and honey syrup.

Every type of fish and shellfish you’ve every heard of is most likely available, depending on the season, and probably many you haven’t heard of.  The cooking at Milos is absolutely superb, which is why Zagat have included Milos in their Best Restaurants of Midtown West NYC.  Go there if you can.  To make it easier on the wallet Estiatorio Milos currently offer a set lunch for $27.50 (not including tax and tip).  Whatever you do don’t go without booking, you won’t get in.
Estiatorio Milos125 West 55th Street
New York, New York 10019