Tuesday, 31 March 2015

French haircare discoveries - 5 products for dry hair that really work–beauty reviews

Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo
You know the feeling, you’re using your long time favourite shampoo and conditioner but frankly it isn’t doing the business any more, and as soon as you leave the house your perfect blow dry starts to frizz, or waves appear where you didn’t plan them to be.

I have hair that has started to do just that and on this recent trip to Paris (and not having brought hair products with me, thinking that the hotel’s would do) I decided to conduct a trial using French brands I hadn’t used before. And I’ll never go back.

For dry, frizzy or coloured hair, these products have worked a treat so it’s worth giving them a go.  It’s good in any case to have a break from your every day shampoos and conditioners and give your hair something special.  And if you’re still using the shampoo and conditioner from many years back change immediately – you wouldn’t use the same products on your skin as it grows older….. so why would you on your hair?

Phyto is a Paris based hair care brand over 60 years old, based on plant extracts and essential oils and using formulas that are 95% botanical.  It’s not an expensive brand, and everything I’ve tried I’ve loved.  Needless to say it’s cheaper in France, but not by much as the brand is now worldwide.Phyto Express Hydrating Conditioner

Phytojoba hydrating shampoo is a rich moisturising shampoo that at the same time is light and deliciously scented.  It comes in a rigid bottle which you’ll probably want to decant for travelling but it pours out quite easily.
They say:‘Soothing Cornflower and Mallow Decoction combined with a washing base derived from Coconut Oil ensures that your hair rapidly regains an optimal level of hydration, shine and suppleness.
This product is ideal for dry hair and will leave it with a velvety soft texture, wonderfully detangled and a pleasant fragrance.’

Phytobaum hydrating express conditioner is for every day when you don’t want to sit around with a masque in your hair.  You only need a small amount so although the tube isn’t huge it should last you a while.

They say:  Formulated with a caring combination of moisturising ingredients this Phyto Phtobaume Hydration Express Conditioner will infuse moisture back into lack lustre hair, leaving you to enjoy hair that’s soft and supple.

Leonor Greyl is a cult French brand that was established over 40 years ago.  The products are not cheap, but once again you don’t need a lot and the two I have tried are seriously excellent.  If you want your hair to look as smooth and shiny as it does after a professional blow dry and you have dryness/frizz/colour issues you may well want to invest. 

Elenor Greyl Masque a L'OrchideeI have tried the Masque a l’Orchidee, which by the way you can use every time you wash your hair if you want to and leave it in for a little less time.  This is a big pot and will last you a while.  By the way I am using this for dryness, you don’t have to have very thick or frizzy hair. 

They say: ‘Leonor Greyl Masque à l'Orchidée Softening Treatment for Frizzy Hair is formulated with plant ceramides that strengthen the hair, film-forming silk proteins for unparalleleLeonor Greyl Serum de Soied shine and botanical oils to increase hair flexibility. This mask works like a genuine nourishing, detangling and softening treatment for very curly, thick or even frizzy hair. Blow drying is made easier. Curls are more flexible and can be shaped at will.’

Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie is a creamy silky serum (surprising that) that you can use on wet hair before styling or on dry hair in the morning when you just want a quick re-do.  And you don’t need much for either.  It’s a really lovely product and not just for ‘thin hair’.

They say: Silk proteins for silky-smooth hair, specially selected plant oils for increased flexibility and manageability. Used on damp hair, Leonor Greyl Sérum de Soie Sublimateur Daily-Use Styling Serum for Thin Hair will detangle, used on dry hair it will smooth and condition. In all cases it works to protect and nourish your hair without weighing it down. This is the perfect formula for bringing out the beauty in your hair, on a daily basis.
Phytolisse Glossing Serum
Phytolisse Glossing Serum is a light serum to use on towel dried hair before styling, or on dry hair for extra shine and texture.

They say: Phyto PhytoLisse Serum instantly restores a sleek, shiny appearance to your hair! Boasting althaea and pro-vitamin B5, it softens and relaxes hair that is usually prone to frizz whist moisturising and protecting too.

Having just been out in the damp windy day that is Paris today, and coming back to no loss of shape and no frizz – I can only say that you, like me, may become addicted to this excellent French hair care.  Of course there are products for other types of hair as well. 

You’ll find Lenore Greyl at Selfridges, Urban Retreat  and Feel Unique as well as Net-a-Porter
Phyto is at Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and John Lewis