Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Beauty Review–The Nars blush with the built-in highlighter

Nars BlushI have written about Nars blush before in passing, along with other cosmetics, but quite frankly this is the best I have come across (and believe me I’ve tried so many I’ve lost count) so it deserves its own post.

Nars The Multiple Cream BlushNars blushers are made with transparent pigments, so that they offer a softer, more sheer look than many others.  Some blushers have an overload of shimmer, and others have a dry matte finish which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you want something really flattering all day Nars offers a midway solution with a blush that has a subtle highlighting effect and lasts a long time.

The most popular Nars blush colour is Orgasm, a peachy pink which suits most skin-tones and my all out favourite.  This colour is so popular it has its own collection, including The Multiple (a glide on creamy blush stick), Illuminator, lip gloss and nail polish plus Super Orgasm, a blush with glitter particles.

When you look at various websites offering these products the colour reproduction, depending on which device you’re using, can be really bad.  Couple this with the fact that many stores don’t bother to change the colour of the product when you click on it and you can be in a real quandary when choosing colour online.  For most people Orgasm blush will be a good shade as it has both pink and peach tones mixed together.  

You’ll find Nars Cosmetics at:  SpaceNK, House of Fraser, and Look Fantastic online.