Sunday 22 February 2015

Where to Eat in Dallas - Mesero’s Excellent Mexican American Restaurant

Mesero Restaurant Logo You may have gathered by now that I love Mexican food, and I’ve had some great meals here in Dallas.  Cantina Laredo, Javier’s and Komali are just a few of the Mexican Restaurants I’ve written about before.  Recently I’ve gravitated to Mr Mesero, for great food, great service and a noisy Mexican Texan atmosphere.
Mesero Guacamole
Recently I’ve been more than once to Mesero in Lover’s Lane (there are two others), this being the third Mesero restaurant launched by Mico Rodriguez in Dallas in a very short space of time.  Go there at about 7pm on a Thursday evening and you’ll have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table, if not longer.  The place is packed.  And you have to take your chance, you can’t reserve a table.

Mesero Restaurant 2

This is a huge light and airy space with a Mexican ambiance serving seriously good Mexican food, sometimes with an American twist, which is all part of the plan.  Just ensure you go there when it’s not so crowded (much earlier, or later, than 7.30, and preferably early in the week), or call them and ask what the waiting time is likely to be.  You can eat at the bar if there’s space, although I always prefer a table.

Mesero the Bar Mesero Restaurant 3

Nothing is too much for the staff – you want extra onion and garlic in your guacamole? Leave out the queso (cheese sauce) from the enchiladas or bring extra salsa? – no problem.  Whatever your preference the staff are totally willing to be of help.
If you happen to be in Dallas pay Mesero a visit, accept the fact that it’s a seriously busy restaurant, the best ones usually are.  And it’s not overpriced.

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5330 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 112B (Inwood Village)
Dallas, Texas 75209
(214) 654-0185