Thursday, 22 January 2015

Estee Lauder Shimmering Nude Lipstick in Tiger Eye–Beauty Review and Where to Find It

Estee Lauder Long Lasting Lipstick in Tiger EyeOn my seemingly eternal quest to find the perfect lipstick, slightly shimmery, tasteless and scentless (not always the same where lipsticks are concerned) smooth, moisturising and long lasting I tried Estee Lauder’s subtly shimmering warm nude lipstick in Tiger Eye.

You could pick any of the lipsticks in this Long Lasting Pure Colour lipstick range and get the same consistency, and there are a large number to choose from.  I always go for subtle but wanted something very slightly warmer and Tiger Eye fit the bill perfectly. 

The packaging is quite ornate which is typical of Estee Lauder and I normally go for something simple but who cares really, it’s the lipstick that counts.  Tiger Eye isn’t stocked by everyone and it’s currently sold out at John Lewis, however I found it available right now at Selfridges and also Harrods.
I would definitely give this ago if you’re another of the cross fraternity fed up with the discontinuing of Clinque’s Soft Bronze long last lipstick.  I always think, when a product is discontinued, there there should be something better round the corner and I think this may just be it…….