Monday, 8 December 2014

12 Gifts for Tricky Men

Choosing gifts for men can, on the one hand, be quite simple. Either you’ll be in quick mode and want to make life easy with a robe, socks, scarf, gloves or Amazon voucher – and many men will be happy with any or all of these.  On the other hand it can be more interesting if you’re prepared to put extra thought into it and find something that will be an unexpected pleasure to receive.  That will make you out as the wife, mother, sister, colleague who really knows what she’s doing, gift-wise so you can preen all through the holidays. 

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There’s no difference in the way you choose gifts for men to choosing gifts for women, but there’s an art to both.  You need to put in some extra thinking time into your recipient before you flash the plastic.  Firstly, analyze the following:

Personal style:  ie, preppie, sporty, classic, modern, etc.
Hobbies and interests:  Any sports, particular interests such as film, or art (and in which case what type of films, and which artists).
Colours worn:  This is different from personal style in a way as some men will be hiding their bright orange socks under their trousers, others will flash a brightly coloured tie for the whole world to see and others wouldn’t be seen dead in anything other than minimal grey – socks – and classic stripes – tie.
Is he technologically minded or definitely not?

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Think about the men you’re buying for and then drill down into Sport – which sport? Music – what type? Tech – what kind?  Colourful accents or not?  Brand lover or doesn’t care, and if they do, which brands or designers? And always listen out for hints, you just have to pick them up and store for the future.

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Whatever you do, don’t buy something you’d like yourself (you think, you’re buying gifts for men, so how would that work, but it does).  Try and put yourself inside his head, and go from there.  And always make sure, particularly if you’re splashing out, that whatever you give can be exchanged without offence or gift giving becomes impossible. 

Socks, scarves, gloves, a new robe or hoody, if you’re going to go for something like this make sure it’s from a brand you know he likes, not just ‘any old’.  It’s the clever gift you find using a bit of analysis that will get you the extra Brownie points.  Trust me, I know these things.

Fragrance:  If you want to go this route make sure it’s one you know he already likes
Sunglasses:  Only in a style and from a brand again he likes.  And need to be exchangeable.
Kitchen Equipment:  Be very wary of this one.  Only if you know it’s something he really really wants or helps do or make something specifically liked.
Cookery Books:  Something unusual and different rather than just the latest from the most hyped chef.
Logos on anything:  Some love logos if they’re the right one, some loath them, it’s a very personal thing.

Above are a few thoughts for men who like fitness, music, branded sporty clothing and accessories, colourful luxury socks, wine, cooking and coffee.  Perfect for my lot anyway….