Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Perfectly Nude Shimmer Lipsticks by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Nude Shimmer LipstickWhen Clinique in its wisdom decided to discontinue my all time favourite shimmery nude lipstick and didn’t replace it with anything remotely similar I decided that the time had come to find a replacement…..immediately.

This is not always such an easy task, you have lighting issues to deal with, texture, taste, longevity and the rest but having researched thoroughly I can say that these two nude shimmer lipsticks by Bobbi Brown fit the bill perfectly.  One is slightly warmer (Malt Shimmer) than the other but they are both reasonably long lasting – nothing lasts all day – shimmery, non tasting, smooth textured, moisturising and in deliciously nude colours.

I’m not a red lipstick kind of girl, I never have been, preferring a more Bobbi Brown Nude Shimmer Lipsticksnatural look combined with a bit of radiance.  If that’s you, you may well want to try one of these.  The pictures on the various retailer websites both here and in the US are pretty hopeless where colour is concerned (pretty being kind) so I took my own.  Malt Shimmer is on the left, and you can see that it’s a little bit warmer and Brown Shimmer on the right.  You’ll find one or both of them at John Lewis, Selfridges and House of Fraser, and all sell out fast, as they do in the US.

Back in the UK now I’ll be talking on Radio Europe this afternoon about how to choose gifts for girls.  I think I have that one covered…….