Saturday, 8 November 2014

Where to find Discontinued Beauty Products by Estee Lauder brands

Clinique Lipstick Horrors……. earlier this week I discovered that Clinique (Estee Lauder) had discontinued my all time favourite long last soft shine lipstick.  Having rung several department stores to find that everyone had sold out, a helpful Clinique assistant at Harrods introduced me to Estee Lauder’s Gone but not Forgotten program, at which point I stopped palpitating – for a while, anyway.  To use the service in the UK call Estee Lauder on 0370 034 2709.

Gone but not Forgotten will track down, if they’re still available somewhere, your favourites that have been removed from the shelves by Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC and other Estee Lauder brands.  They don’t promise to be able to find them, but they can tell you while you wait if they’re lurking somewhere.  Then you can order up to six of one item and once they’re arrived with Gone but not Forgotten they’ll call you and you can pay and have them shipped out to you.  Phew….such a relief.

The problem is of course that you never have any idea that you are the sole remaining person using that colour/product in the universe, and you only discover that they’ve left you with a void once you’ve run out.  Somehow colour matching never really seems to work, at least with a product like a lipstick, where so many other things come into play, such as scent, taste, consistency and longevity as well as colour. Hat’s off to Estee Lauder for having this service and finding my lipstick.  Even if it’s just staving off the inevitable…..