Tuesday, 11 November 2014

This Year's Winter Boot by FitFlop

Fitflop Mukluk Winter Boot Chocolate  I’m on to my third pair of FitFlop Mukluk boots – because they’re just so comfortable, practical and warm and particularly because they double as winter boots and slippers (and third because a puppy destroyed my favourite chocolate pair).  What more could you ask for? 

No they’re not the pretty, furry kind of slippers you wear if you just want to pad around the house (and don’t have dogs), nor are they winter boots that’ll see you through a foot of snow, however from coming downstairs in the morning for a quick walk in the garden (dogs again) Fitflop Mukluk Winter Boot Tan Turned Downthey’ll keep you warm and dry and you’ll never want to take them off.

I have these FitFlop boots on my feet right now.  I’ve taken the dogs for a short walk outside,  and now they’re keeping my feet cosy underneath my desk.  They’re always the first things I put on my feet when I come down in the morning as these boots really do think they’re slippFitflop Mukluk Boots Tallers as well.  I would add to that they’re not the most elegant and I wear mine mostly at home, but for sheer versatility and usefulness they beat just about  anything else.

FitFlop, as anyone who reads my posts will know, is one of my favourite brands of footwear, not because they’re elegant or because they actually do anything for your bum – I’m not going to vouch for that - but because they are so comfortable, you don’t slop around as you do in some sheepskin boots, and they really are wearable outside and in.
Fitflop Cuddler Slipper
Fitflop Mukluks come in several colours, I always think that black or chocolate are the most practical.  There are other designs, including taller, lace fronted Mukluk boots, however these are the ones I like the best, as they turn down or not as you wish.

My next favourites would be The Cuddler, aptly named slipper, but they are more of a slipper than anything you’d want to wear outside.

Best places to buy Fitflop anything:
Cloggs – currently offering free next day delivery if you order before 10pm.  Free returns.
Shoetique – again free next day delivery, returns and exchanges