Monday, 10 November 2014

10 of the Best: Faux Fur Gilets

Mint Velvet Chocolate Racoon Faux Fur GiletGilets, particularly faux fur, are having a moment right now, and just as the weather turns chilly you can bet that they’ll be selling out fast.

There are many to choose from, some flattering, some not, and some that’ll make you look a little bit like a yeti, but then that’s what they’re supposed to do.  These aren’t the neat, figure hugging faux fur or shearling gilets of a few years ago, these are statement pieces you can wear out and about, simply over minimal layers, in the evening over your favourite LBD or over a sleek leather jacket.

Great Plains Oslo Faux Fur Gilet Unreal Fur Reversible Faux Fur Gilet Red Herring Dark Grey Faux Fur GiletArmani Jeans Leopard Faux Fur Gilet  
The most modern (and not always the most flattering) are those that go over your bum and hang straight down.  More flattering are the slightly shorter versions that follow your figure but there are plenty of both to choose from.
 Great Plains Baa Baa Faux Fur GiletDiesel Faux Fur GiletJane Norman Faux Fur Gilet Mint Velvet Blue Black Faux Fur Gilet
One thing to consider before investing is where you’re going to wear your gilet – if you want a design that will go under a coat then you need something not too bulky.  Many are designeChervo Esubio Pro Therm Giletd today to work on their own, which is all very well but if you’re out and about and it starts to rain you may end up looking a bit like a drowned rat.  So think hard before you buy.

You’ll find faux fur gilets at all price levels from designer to high street.  One of the best things about these modern classics is that they’ll last you for years, unless you pick something too outrageous, and you can wear them out or at home just to keep you warm.  This is one of the most versatile garments around.