Friday, 24 October 2014

The 5 Best Places to find Cashmere Knitwear Without Breaking the Bank

Cashmere, whether cardigan, jumper, tunic or jacket, is the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe.  Now’s the time to bring out your existing collection of cashmere knitwear and go through it to see what you need to add to make sure you have cashmere on call when you need it most.

The problem with cashmere knitwear is that it can be extremely expensive.  If you want true Scottish cashmere you’ll find you’re spending on average double what the lower priced cashmere stores sell their knitwear for, and then if you add on a designer label the prices sky rocket inevitably.

There are quite a few stores offering less expensive cashmere, where the quality is very good and you can have more than one piece that you will wear often throughout the winter months and if you look after it will will go on and on.

The first place to look for lovely quality cashmere with a wide range of styles and colours is Marks & Spencer.  Having checked out their Oxford Street store yesterday I can tell you that you need to move fast if you want a piece of this, from a simple black V neck (currently sold out in size 10 and 12) to a long-line cashmere jacket.  The range is quite large from brights to neutrals so have a good look round.
Pure Cashmere Swing TunicPure Cashmere Round Neck CardiganPure Cashmere Rib Detail TunicCashmere Pointelle Ribbed Long Cardigan       
Then it’s off to Uniqlo, who by the sheer volume they order and sell around the world are able to offer great prices.  The range includes the Best of +J, modern, minimalist pieces, tunics, and accessories with a good range of colours including neutrals and jewel coloured brights.
V neck cashmere tunic at UniqloUniqlo Pure Cashmere Polo Neck SweaterUniqlo Cashmere V Neck SweaterUniqlo Cashmere Stole Cardigan  
Before you make your mind up you need to have a browse through John Lewis’s own brand cashmere collection.  As you’d expect it’s good quality and as this range is competing very much with the two above you’ll find the prices similar.  There are some different styles, stitches and colours so it’s well worth spending time here.  As with all the mid to less expensive range cashmere the popular colours and styles will sell out first so don’t wait until Christmas.
Cashmere Crew Neck CardiganJohn Lewis Red Cashmere Crew Neck JumperShaped Cashmere Cardigan at John LewisCashmere Revere Collar Cardigan
  A little bit more price wise but still nowhere near the top end is the cashmere collection at The White Company, where you can expect beautifully crafted neutral colours and styles you won’t find anywhere else.  This is definitely one for the Christmas list as the packaging is very elegant.  Most of what you’ll find here is gift as well as treat-yourself worthy.  I have to confess I want just about everything there.
Cashmere Roll Neck JumperCashmere Hoodie TunicCashmere Mink Marl V Neck JumperCashmere Tunic in Silver Grey
Finally have a look round Pure Collection, which you have no doubt heard of – there’s a wide choice of different styles and colours and you can expect excellent service.  You’ll find embellished styles for winter, cashmere dresses and fine knit cashmere pieces unique to Pure.
Pure Collection Ruffle Edge CardiganPure Collection Gassato Hooded Cashmere CardiganPure Collection Cashmere Crop CardiganPure Collection Cashmere V Neck Dress
There are lots of other places to find cashmere but these are the main ones with the range and good prices.  If you want designer cashmere take a look at the collection at, and designer Ronit Zilkha’s cashmere collection at Lullilu where there are also some gorgeous accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves.