Friday, 3 October 2014

Beauty Review – Lierac Mesolift - Lancome Teint Visionnaire and more

I don’t know about you but I’m always in a hurry in the morning, more than ever at the moment with puppies in the house so anything that makes life easier and faster, works well and isn’t too bank breaking is firmly on my list.

Lierac Mesolift Moisturiser Lierac Mesolift Serum Firstly to two products by Lierac, a French brand that isn’t readily available over here but you can order it online if you look, and I have.  Their Mesolift moisturiser and Mesolift vitamin enriched serum, which I was given to try a few years back and now buy because I don’t want to be without them, are excellent, no fragrance, soft texture and easy to apply with very good results.  There’s no SPF in these products so you need to make sure you wear a protective foundation.  The online store is based in Belgium but delivery is not expensive and once you’ve tried these two I doubt you’ll want to be without them.

Lancome Teint Visionnaire Lancome’s Teint Visionnaire foundation and concealer two in one is one of the best foundations I’ve tried.  It goes on smoothly, offers 20 SPF protection and has a little pot of matching concealer in the lid which not only saves time because I don’t have to search for my concealer but means that the two products match.  The pot lasts a long time and is well worth it when you consider that you’re getting the Lancome concealer Nars Blush in Orgasm included.

Nars Blush in Orgasm.  I know I’ve written about this before but as it really has to be one of the best blush colours ever and if you haven’t tried it yet maybe now’s the time.  You can buy it a the Multiple stick, or tint, or Super Orgasm powder blusher which has glitter in it, nail polish and lip gloss but the best for an all day mid peachy glow and a colour that suits just about everyone I would start with the basic powder blush.  This is one I will never be without.

Trish McEvoy Luminizer Finally it was a toss up between illuminator and eye pencil and illuminator won, especially as every girl needs something uplifting as the days get cooler.  I recently re-bought Trish McEvoy’s Luminizer, which is wonderful for lifting under eye circles and adding radiance, not only that but it’ll fit easily into your handbag.  Another one you won’t want to be without.

None of these are the cheapest products of their kind on the market, neither are they the most expensive, and they’ll all last for a very long time.  As autumn seeps in there’s never a better time to update your makeup bag and try something uplifting and effective.  Or does a girl really need an excuse – if you’re a beauty product experimenter and lover as I am, the answer is definitely no…..