Friday, 17 October 2014

Beauty Review – Clarins Cream Blush and Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow Set

Clarins Cream Blush Back in Paris, where I’m always on the look out for cosmetics and beauty products that are new and/or just that little bit different – this time I made two discoveries; Clarins Cream Blush and Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow Set in The Tease.

Clarins of course if available everywhere, and this beautifully packaged little cream to powder blush compact is well worth the investment.  Reasonably priced, pretty enough to slip in and out of any evening clutch and with a long lasting colour if you’re looking for a new blush you might like to try this. 

I went for ‘Peach’ which offers a subtle peachy glow, two of the colours are quite deep, ‘Candy’ would suit those who love cool pinks and Peach would suit just about everyone who likes….well…..peach.  It’s tonally on a par with Nars’ Orgasm blush, my other all time favourite.
Marc Jacobs Eye Shadow Palette
Then in Sephora, a visit to which no self respecting  beauty addict should miss out on – Paris or New York -  I came across Marc Jacobs’ new cosmetics collection.  You can, apparently, buy it from his store in Mount Street, and goodness knows why it doesn’t seem to be available online in the UK, but you can also order it from Sephora in the US.  I went for the mauve/purple/shimmer colour palette The Tease, which contains several versions of this season’s favourite colour, including a shimmery pastel pink and aubergine, bright aubergine and iridescent champagne.

Needless to say as with everything Marc Jacobs this is a luxurious treat particularly with its glamorous sleek and skinny design, but the packaging is inviting, and the colours delicious and long lasting.  Whilst you’re about ordering, you might as well order two, particularly if, like me, you have a daughter who will almost certainly pinch yours.  After all, Christmas is just, apparently, around the corner.