Tuesday, 9 September 2014

More Best Cosmetics for Less – Concealers and Illuminators

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch and Glow As usual when out in the US I’m browsing the beauty counters including CVS and Target to find the latest products by brands such as Neutrogena, Physicians Formula, NYX, Stila, l’Oreal and others, some of which I can track in the UK and some of which, quite often the latest products, haven’t quite made it there yet.
My quest this time, coming out of summer and into autumn – trying to avoid all Pixi Beauty Illuminate and Conceal the new eyeshadow palettes (more about those later) -  has been to find some great concealers and illuminators to highlight, wake-up and brighten when the sun has disappeared.

This time I’ve been trying Physicians Formula’s brand new Nude Wear Touch of Glow, which combines concealer and highlighter.  I would quite like to simplify the packaging but then that’s what Physician’s Formula is all about, making you look gorgeous and entertaining at the same time.  You can buy this from iHerb and have it shipped to you in the UK.

Stila One Step Illuminate Then on to Pixi Beauty, which I found at Target and which you can buy from Look Fantastic, and their Illuminating Tint and Concealer all in one.  You just flip off the lid for the concealer and unscrew for the tinted illuminator.  This is a lovely product, perfect for a handbag and every on the go girl.  Pixi has lots of tempting products that are not too pricy so be warned, you’ll find them all here.

On a quick trip to Dillards up at the Dallas Northpark Mall where everyone is just waiting to pounce and do your makeup for you (as they do in the UK but seemingly more-so here) I spotted Stila’s One Step IlluNYX Illuminatorminate.  On any day, but particularly a day when you’re not feeling your best this is a great helper, an illuminating primer that sits underneath your foundation and gives you a pretty glow.  Slightly more expensive than most of the other products here but definitely worth a try.

NYX – a brand you may or may not have come across before and named after the  ancient Greek Goddess who ruled the night, was founded in 1999 in Los Angeles.  Products are nowl'Oreal Magic Lumi Illuminator Pen available worldwide.  NYX have their own illuminator, which is incredibly well priced and which you can order off their UK website.  The illuminator comes in two shades, Sunbeam, or Born to Glow, which is a little bit more peachy.

Finally l’Oreal’s Magic Lumi Illuminator Pen, which at present you’ll find at Amazon in the lightest shade,  it also comes in medium and deep (I tried Medium and loved it).  This is not a concealer, but an illuminator which you use over your concealer to give a bit of extra lift.  And like most L’Oreal products it works extremely well.  Another one for the handbag collection.  Oh dear……….

It seems that the UK is definitely the poor relation when it comes to the specialised products (such as Neutrogena cosmetics) and new product launches.  However I shall continue to tempt you with as wide a range as possible including where you can find my discoveries in the UK.