Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to Wear Printed Trousers if You're Curvy – 16 Pairs from Etro to Oasis

There are so many variations of printed trousers out there – mainly because they’ve been a big trend for spring and summer.  And they’re carrying on into autumn, with designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Markus Lupfer and Etro pushing the trend onwards.

Mint Velvet Stretch Cotton CapriOasis Diamond Printed TrouserDiane von Furstenberg Stretch Silk Printed TrousersDash Printed Stretch Cotton Trouser  
You’ve no doubt seen them out and about, many of the cheaper versions are in printed jersey and if you’re not careful you can look as if you forgot to get dressed properly this morning.  Then there are the tight printed leggings which are destined for the gym, printed joggers for apres gym, picking the kids up from school or grabbing a coffee, printed jeans for all and every and fluid tapered printed trousers for going out in.
Warehouse Mono Floral Print Stretch TrouserWarehouse Shadow Print Stretch Pull On TrouserRag and Bone Black Barcode Print JeansEtro Stretch Printed Trousers   
If you’re a curvy girl you need to be careful with all of these and choose a print that elongates your legs rather than the opposite, so no horizontal prints, and preferably a smaller print throughout. 
Moschino Cheap and Chic Leopard Print Capri PantsEtro Printed Stretch Wool TrousersOasis Geo Club Print TrouserMint Velvet Stretch Capri Trouser

You also have to be extremely careful about heels.  Modern flip flops will work as will high heels if you’re going out.  Tall boots don’t work, ankle boots maybe but they can look quite heavy with a print.  High heels and sandals will always look the best. 

Michael Kors Batik Print Silk TrousersMarkus Lupfer French Lace Print Tapered TrousersOasis Geo Floral Print TrouserArmani Jeans Animal Print Stretch Jeans On Sale

Look out for bulky elasticated waistbands or low waistbands and avoid.  Those will just make you look wider in the middle.  What you really want is a flat waistband, not too much fabric around the tops of the legs and middle and a trouser shape that flatters, plus some stretch in the fabric.  Yes you’re going for the trend, but you still need to keep in mind what’s going to suit your figure.  Always.

Small modern mono prints or animal prints can be the most flattering, and you’re likely to wear them the most as they’ll go on into autumn whereas large florals, bright colours and light coloured prints will be more difficult.  The warehouse trousers above have a great fit, they’re pull-on, with a flat waistband and slim leg.  Those are my favourites.  For print, and if you don’t want to spend too much, go for the Oasis Geo Club Print which are selling out very fast everywhere.