Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fitness Fashion – Would you Dare to Wear These?

With fitness fashion merging into daywear and so many new designs out there I considered launching into printed fitness leggings.  I’ve been fairly conservative up until now, with the addition only of neon bright nike trainers (pink and orange) and thought that was probably far enough but now I’m seriously considering moving on, in tune with Nike, Adidas and the like for whom there seems to be no limit.

Nike Printed LeggingsPure Simple Sport Printed LeggingsI Am Curious Jersey Printed Capri LeggingsNike Printed Relay Capri Leggings  
Some of the new leggings/capri leggings out there I think take it a step too far unless you have a) extremely good legs or b) are incredibly fit which probably includes a).  Others are beginning to appeal to add some interest to what I wear most days.  They definitely won’t do for the office, or for lunch, but for an every-day smile give them a try.  Printed fitness leggings need to be paired with a plain-ish top.  I also find that a 3/4 capri length is more flattering than full on leggings, and you can roll any of these up a bit if you want to easily.
Addidas Originals Floral Printed LeggingsNike Epic Cropped Printed Running LeggingsNike Legend Printed Capri Leggings Nike Leg A See All Over Print Leggings
A small all-over print such as the Nike printed leggings above is going to be more wearable than a large print, stripes or flowers.  Random prints can make your legs look shorter, and there are some colours out there which are so loud they’ll see you coming in the dark.  Larger animal prints I would steer clear of.

Printed fitness leggings are definitely on the up and up so maybe it’s time to have a go now……’ll find one of the best selections online at J D Sports.  If you want to stay with plain my favourites are Under Armour Perfect Capri Pants, so the choice is yours.