Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Best of the Parkas, Perfectly Transitional and Essential for Autumn

A parka will keep you dry when it rains, warm when it gets cool and is today’s ‘transitional’ coat.  Personally if a coat doesn’t have a hood and unless you love toting a brolly around I’m not sure what good it does you when it starts to pour – I know there are those who hate hoods but if you’re not one of those, read on.  In the same vein even a hooded wool or woven coat won’t help you much, as whatever it’s made of it’s likely to become damp and unpleasant when wet and take ages to dry out.

Warehouse quilted sleeve parkaSelected Femme Hooded ParkaKaren Millen Lightweight ParkaOasis Borg Lined Parka

Original parkas were always designed with hoods, and frequently with warm linings, which made them even more versatile.  Today’s parka is a modern take on an old favourite, ready to be pulled out of your wardrobe at any time of inclement weather.  Not as chic as a trench for town but far more useful as, as a hood lover myself, I hate going out a) with a brolly b) with wet hair and c) with the ability to get wet at any moment. 

French Connection Rhumba ParkaOasis Fur Lined ParkaWallis Black ParkaRains Lightweight Parka Coat

So ditch the brolly and invest in a parka which will take you through to the real chill with no problems at all.  They look best with jeans and slim black pants, but find a flattering black parka and you can wear it over just about anything, anywhere.Wi
Canada Goose Victoria ParkaBarbour Waxed Cotton ParkaHilfiger Denim Parka JacketECD by Esprit Olive Parka
The parka is your stop off between a summer raincoat and a fully padded winter coat, many can be worn all the year round.  Take your pick.