Monday, 4 August 2014

Beauty Reviews: Kiehls Ultra Light Moisturiser UV Defense SPF 50, Elemis Total Glow and Burts Bees Foot Cream

photoJust back from New Mexico where I have been dog walking in the mountains two hours a day – well not just dog walking but that was very much part of my exercise.  The sun in New Mexico is bright and it can be very warm so I was keen to have products with me that would offer a lot of protection particularly on face and chest.

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 Kiehls Ultra Light Moisturiser Daily UV Defense SPF 50 is a real find, and I bought it in the UK.  In fact you won’t find it quite in that name in the US which totally confused me, as I like it so much I wanted to buy another there, where Kiehls in general is cheaper than the UK. 

You can use this every day wherever you are, as your moisturiser, on both face and decollete for smooth protection.  This is no white-out sunscreen but silky light with the texture of a normal moisturiser.  It’s well worth the investment.  If you’re in the US you’ll find it as Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50. 

I use all time favourite Shiseido Daily Bronze as a body moisturiser all the year round, and I’ve Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser never found anything to beat it for texture and quality.  There’s no fragrance, and you end up with a very slight glow.  Although it says ‘face and body’ I think it’s too fluid to use as a face moisturiser so I decided to try Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser which does the same thing, but is more of a moisturiser. 

I love the creaminess and faintly floral fragrance of this product, and it does exactly what it says on the tin, imparts a gentle glow to your skin whilst offering a perfect base for make-up.  Another new essential to my beauty bag and much better, in my opinion, than going from pasty pale to bronzed with a normal fake tan.

Burt's Bees Foot Cream Finally I discovered Burt’s Bees Foot Cream in the US – all that walking and the dryness of the air doesn’t help keep your feet smooth.  This one will – a pampering cream that will hydrate and soften your feet and keep them looking good all year round.

I also discovered some brand new makeup products by brands L’Oreal, Maybelline and Nutrogena but they’re not available here as yet.  Will they ever be?  I have no idea, nor why we’re treated as lesser mortals across the pond, however, I’m going to write about them next as they’re excellent, and lower priced than the ‘superbrands’.  And if you’re planning a trip to the US in the near future, or you know someone who can stuff a jiffy bag with beauty treats and send them to you, you may like to know about them too.