Friday 25 July 2014

Hotel Reviews–Hotel Parq Central Albuquerque–The Gateway to New Mexico

After a 17 hour journey and having been up since 4am I was ready to pretty much crash anywhere.  However having read the hotel reviews previously for the Hotel Parq Central (and of course having booked) I was very happy to be dropped off at this unusual boutique hotel on Route 66 (Central) in Albuquerque.

Parq Central Hotel Albuquerque Main Hotel

The pictures on the hotel website illustrate perfectly what this hotel is about, airy and light, extremely comfortable and just slightly idiosyncratic with jazz playing in the entrance and quirky touches such as the unusual studded chairs in the sitting room, postcards on the walls from the time this was a hospital (yes really) and unique pieces of furniture.

Parq Central Hotel Albuquerque ConservatoryParq Central Hotel Albuquerque Terrace

This was a former hospital and mental facility, built in 1926 and named the Santa Fe hospital as it was used for the treatment of employees of the Santa Fe Railway Company.  Completely refurbished, it opened in 2010 as the Hotel Parq Central, so expect to find everything fresh and new, and ignore any stories about the paranormal.  Seriously.  I’m leaving today after two extremely pleasant days here and I will definitely be coming back if I have the opportunity to return to Albuquerque.

Things to note which many hotel reviews won’t tell you: 
Breakfast is on the house, but if you don’t love carbs you may need something extra. 
The air conditioning is excellent. 
The beds are wonderful with Frette bed linens. 
Bathrooms in the main building have showers and no bath tubs so ask if you specifically want one of those. 
Despite the fact the hotel is on the intersection of two extremely fast and noisy roads you don’t hear anything, particularly if, like me, you ask for a room at the back.
The Apothecary Lounge bar on the roof is great for drinks and snacks but not really for a proper meal.  The hotel has recommendations nearby.

Parq Central Hotel Albuquerque King Bedroom

Thought has gone into every area of this hotel, perfectly positioned to recover from your jet lag and then perhaps embark on a journey to Santa Fe or elsewhere in New Mexico, a part of the US many never get to visit but should, as it’s extremely beautiful and there are some wonderful places to visit, vistas to see and luxurious accommodations.

At this time of year it is extremely hot and the hotel thought I was mad to want to walk rather than be driven a couple of miles up the road, past the university to the local pharmacy (Walgreens) and to pick up some Kiehls Factor 50 at The A Store on Central.  I did forget my hat, which was fairly daft, but I went early and walked there and back, unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever you choose, passing the magical collection of Indian and native American jewellery and antiques that is Gertrude Zachary.  This is well worth a visit if you go to Albuquerque.  The Navajo pearls, which are silver oxidized beads, are really beautiful.  Make sure, if you want to buy, you buy the real thing from somewhere like this.