Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fitness Tips – How to Tone Your Arms Fast

If you’re anything like me you’re bombarded with fitness tips telling you how to tone your arms, your legs, your abs, your bum, and at this time of year especially all you/I want is something quick that I can build into my daily routine (and I’m not necessarily talking about workout routine) that doesn’t take much time and works fast.

I was hooked on this program – Pilates Perfect Body – a few years back and then moved to heavier regular weights, which are fine, but having returned to this I can safely say this has to be the best routine for anyone who’s in search of results and time poor.

Pilates Perfect Body ArmsNow even better it’s available on YouTube.  All you need is a pair of hand weights which you can pick up at Amazon overnight.  I use 1.5kg weights for this but you may want to start with 1kg.  If you think this is wussy just try it, these aren’t normal weights exercises and your arms are holding the weights out for quite a while.  Here are all the hand weights options.  Don’t try and start with something too heavy, you’ll be surprised at the pain…….

Hand WeightsIt’s already quite late to find out how to tone your arms for summer, but a good time to get going if your haven’t already as this section works fast provided you do it at least every other day. You won’t just get rid of the flab and bingo wings, but everyone will be asking you what you did.  And you can throw out the cover-ups and throw on a sun dress.

The real joy is that you don’t need to change to do this and it only takes 10 minutes, so you can fit it in anywhere during the day.  It’s well worth it.

Fitness Tips:  Coming up – working out whilst travelling with just an elastic band.