Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fitness Fashion – The New Sportswear Collection from Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter Weargrace Yoga As someone who could never be described as ‘sporty’, but enjoys working out and Pilates on a regular basis I was excited at the thought of the No 1 fashion website Net-a-Porter launching a sportwear collection

I have to admit that other than going to meetings and out to dinner, like many, I practically live in sportswear.  Trainers have becNike Pro Stretch Jersey Tankome modern and colourful (I hesitate to call them ‘chic’) form fitting leggings double as sportswear and daywear if they’re the right length, a really good sports bra means you can – provided you have  said trainers on your feet – take off at any time without bouncing around and a sleek stretch top and running jacket or hooded top will stand you in good stead wherever you’re going (as long as it’s casual).

Nike Coral Orange Mesh Roshe Run Sneakers Net-a-Porter’s fitness fashion is, unsurprisingly, designer and not inexpensive. Currently it’s a small collection, but bound to grow, with sneakers by (amongst others)  Nike and Addidas, leggings and running tights by Laain and Banjo and Matilda, hooded sweatshirts by Zoe Karssen and tops by Bodyism, Nike, Laain and Live the Process. 

The collections include clothes and accessories, for the gym, running, tennis,Banjo and Matilda Cashmere Hooded Jacket swimming, riding, golf, yoga and dance.  Other sports are to come.  You can be a classic or contemporary, as neutral or colourful as you want to be.  On my personal shopping list would be Nike’s Pro Stretch Jersey Tank, Weargrace Wave Stretch Jersey Leggings, Nike Coral/Orange Roshe Run Mesh Sneakers, and right at the top would be Banjo & Matilda’s Uber Cashmere Hooded Jacket.

This is pretty rarified sportswear for the most part.  But if you’re prepared to spend a bit more on something you know you’ll wear frequently have a good look round.  Undoubtedly you’ll fall in love with something very fast and keep a look out for new sportswear designers joining the fold as the sportswear collection gains speed.