Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Restaurant Reviews - Where to Lunch in London – 2 New Reviews.

Q logo I’m not one of those who likes to take a long time over lunch in London, unless there’s very good reason.  Usually in a rush and wanting something not expensive but delicious I have favourites that I return to again and again.
Q on the Roof
One particular friend has introduced me to Koffmans, which has an excellent set lunch and which I’ve written about before, and the same friend, last week, to On the Roof with Q at Selfridges. 

This is a noisy,  bustling, crowded place that was supposed to be a pop-up restaurant but from the sound of it will be staying.  The food is modern, mainly grilled but with added themes of raw and smoke, and extremely good.  I had grilled shrimp on a bed of couscous with fava beans and fresh peas.  Yum.  Don’t try and go there without booking.  To find out more and book, click here.  Be warned that when the sun is out it can be extremely warm, as the tables are crowded together and the walls are mainly glass.  Take your sun umbrella…….

Noura Restaurant Curzon StreetMy second restaurant for lunch in London today is Noura, which I’ve been to several times in a very short space of time because the food is delicious and you can either have a complete meal (which I confess I haven’t) or small plates to share of mezze, including Hoummous, Tabbouleh, and other Lebanese delicacies.  Come here if you’re on your own, taking out the daughter (as I did last week), meeting yNoura Hoummosour agent (as I did the week before) or any other time when you want something fresh, very tasty and not costing the earth. 

Noura also offers a take-away service, and hasn’t been too crowded the lunch times I have been there, although I booked ahead.

I will be back to both of these, one extremely crowded with a modern feel and the other much more traditional.  I had very good service at both, and neither was over priced.
I’m off at crack of dawn tomorrow to fly via Chicago to New Mexico, which I’ve visited several times and never fails to astound me with its raw beauty.  If that sounds cliched so be it.  5.15 seems a dreadful time to leave for the airport unless you know that there something wonderful waiting at the other end.  I’ll let you know.