Friday, 20 June 2014

What to Wear to Glyndebourne

Glyndebourne is one of those places that if you've never been, or perhaps you don't like opera, can be hard to understand.

Why would you want to dress up in black tie and long dresses (or short and dressy) in the early afternoon, to travel quite possibly for miles, lug a picnic for quite a long way maybe (frequently) in the pouring rain to listen to music you don't know with the packing up and driving back to follow later on .

Then there's the other side of the coin, forget the drive, arrive at one of the most gorgeous gardens and country houses in England on a sunny afternoon, stroll with a class of something fizzy round the lake and then bask in the sunshine, before hearing glorious singing and eating delicious food.  The combination is irresistible.

You'll see many strange outfits at Glyndebourne but that's part of the fun. I like to keep it modern and black and prefer short rather than long. One of the most important things is to wear shoes you can actually walk in as sore feet and enjoyment to me don't go hand in hand, so my highest but most comfortable heels and another essential, a warm wrap.  I have been to Glyndebourne when it's boiling hot and so cold I needed a sheepskin jacket........ in June.

You can be as formal as you want here, most of the men will be wearing black tie, or kilts (as my sons do because they're half Scottish) but never jeans.  That just spoils the dressed up atmosphere of Glyndebourne so if you don't like dressing up probably give it a miss.  And you definitely don't have to wear black - you can be as bright as you want.  Expect to be looked at.

Good places to find Glyndebourne worthy dresses that will not only be worth ogling but also comfortable - as an element of stretch can be very helpful on an occasion like this, are Coast, and Phase Eight, or of course you can choose something beautiful and designer at Net-a-Porter.

The important thing is to go with good friends, be ready for any weather, take delicious food (preferably in a wheeled cool picnic bag) and enjoy what Glyndebourne has to unforgettable evening.

Pictures to follow later on today.....from Glyndebourne where I'll be seeing Tchaikovsky's  Eugene Onegin.  Bliss.