Friday, 6 June 2014

10 Tricks for Travelling in Comfort and Landing in Style

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Watching people come through customs recently off a flight from the US there were several varieties of dress style but nearly all of the ‘I give up I no longer care’ type.  Inevitably arriving somewhere feeling that you look less than your best will encourage feeling less than your best, but there is a trick to looking and therefore feeling better on arrival, and that’s to just put a little thought into the last thing on your mind after packing, tidying, locking up and racing for the airport.

The problem with flying is that you want to be comfortable.  Getting up early, all that queuing at the airport and then the flight itself don’t lend themselves to thinking what you’ll look like when you land, but as a regular long haul traveller I know that there are ways to travel in soft separates that flatter and look good whilst travelling or landing and arriving somewhere whether you’re travelling for work or holidays. 
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Long haul flights in particular are exhausting so coming off the plane looking good makes you feel so much better. 

1:  Avoid jeans and woven trousers which easily become creased and uncomfortable, and go for jersey relaxed pants or leggings.  Curling up in jeans is almost impossible.

2:  If you want to wear a dress make sure it’s a soft jersey.  The White Company use a lovely quality jersey which doesn’t crease and washes easily. Throw on a pair of cropped leggings to leave in the early morning cold and remove just before landing somewhere warm.  I’ve done this many times.

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3:  Make sure you balance the proportions.  Pants that are too wide paired with a loose top can have you looking like you’re wearing pyjamas, not a good look, so balance skinny bottoms with a waterfall or longer top, and wide pants with a shorter more fitted or belted top.

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4: Remember that planes are cold.  No matter the temperature when you leave, that plane and sitting still are going to cool you down very fast, so whatever you wear needs to have a warm top layer which you can take off on landing when you hit the heat.

5:  Take a big scarf or stole preferably in cashmere to use as an accessory and extra blanket and to keep your neck warm.  I never travel without a large cashmere wrap which I’ve had for years.  Yes this is an investment piece but after 15 years or so of use it’s worth it.  Don’t get me on the fleece travel blanket I picked up at Dallas airport a while back.  Bliss.

6:  Make sure that you can take your heavier top layer off and still look good.  You can obviously keep the scarf on if you want, but if you’re landing somewhere hot…..hopefully… need to be able to divest yourself easily and quickly of your top layer, making sure that you’re wearing something underneath that looks good on its own.  The waterfall, or longer knit jacket is a great overpiece with a flattering top underneath.

7:  Don’t wear anything too tight.  You will, at some stage, wish you hadn’t.

8:  Wear travelling something you’ll still want to wear whilst away – choose separates you really like and adapt them for other duties, whether lounging, going to the gym or casual weekends.

9:  Choose fabrics that are a blend, pure cotton jersey will still crease more than something containing an element of elastane.

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10:  Make room in your handbag for Trish McEvoy’s small makeup planner so that you can re-do your makeup just before landing.  I have everything in mine from compact foundation to highlighter and lipstick and it all zips away neatly.  It’s been my best friend on many journeys.

You don’t have to buy it fully loaded, you can just buy the empty planner, choose the bits of hers that you want and then put in your own lipstick etc if you want to, which is what I do, but I wouldn’t go anywhere without it.