Friday, 2 May 2014

What to Wear - How to Build a Spring Weekend Wardrobe in 12 Easy Pieces

I always think this time of year can be quite difficult.  This morning I was out on the town and I spotted girls in everything from boots, tight pants and padded jackets (like me), to jeans, knits and sparkly sandals.  It’s make your mind up time…..

The inescapable fact is that it’s now May, and should be warming up, and winter clothes and boots and the black that so many of us, me included, hide inside in the colder months should be consigned to the back of the cupboard to make way for brighter and lighter pieces.  Should be, I say, although it’s far too easy to keep them hanging around just in case.  As I do.

Jeans are your wardrobe staple and you no doubt have your favourite pair or pairs, plus long or cropped casual trousers and leggings, so I’m not going to write about those here……later.

What to wear, in this case, is all about tops and cardigans and scarves.  The staples that work with everything and can be put together in different ways.  The trick when buying these to lift  your existing collection is to keep to colour groups.  This time I’ve stuck for the main part to White Stuff and Fat Face, because their casual tops and knits are not just well priced but they come in great styles and loads of colourways.
White Stuff Pale Periwinkle Blue CardiganWhite Stuff Sleeveless white tshirtLurex Border Scarf Navy Blue Waterfall Cardigan
I don’t think you can do much better than to start with a brilliant white t-shirt, long sleeved, sleeveless or cap sleeved with a flattering neckline.  These three by White Stuff aren’t the cheapest (nor the most expensive) you will find but they’re well designed, in a really nice fabric and with a flattering fit.  And they come in lots of colours as well.
Natural Pointelle Back CardiganWhite Stuff Cap Sleeve White TshirtWhite Stuff Loganberry Cardigan in NaturalVivienne Westwood Orb Striped Scarf    
Then come the layers that go on top, and if you’re going to be clever (and very controlled) about this, you’re going to stick to a colour palette that always works for you, and goes with other things you already own and not dive into the coral, hot pink and neon orange which are extremely tempting.
White Stuff Dark Periwinkle Linen Knit CardiganWhite Stuff Long Sleeved Scoop Neck White TshirtWhite Stuff Deep Pink ScarfWhite Stuff Loganberry Cardigan   
I’ve shown two styles here in two colourways as the styles are very pretty and a very good fit.  The empire line cardigan by White Stuff, called Loganberry, has unusual buttons and can be worn with just a hint of a cami showing underneath (and also comes in navy blue), and the waterfall cardigan by Fat Face will work over everything.  Unlike many waterfall jackets which ruffle out at the front, particularly if you have a front to ruffle out from, and are less than shapely at the back, these fit well both front and back and would work as a lightweight summer jacket.