Friday, 16 May 2014

The New Crop of FitFlops, Wobbleboard meets Rock Chic

FitFlop Aztec Chada
Hated by some and loved by others – a bit like Marmite, I can’t say how much good FitFlops do for your bum despite all of the hype, what I can say is if you want to borrow mine you can’t, get your own, I’m wearing them.  Yes both pairs……..Sorry.
FitFlop Lulu Weave Pale Gold
I’m talking here about the FitFlop sandals, not the wintertime boots, nor the sneakers, but thoseFitFlop Flora Sandal ubiquitous, preferably toe post chunky flip flops (or slides) that now come in a multitude of colours and styles.  I’ve run half a mile in an airport in mine to catch a flight (Chicago), and walked only the other day from Marylebone Station to Koffman’s Restaurant in Knightsbridge through the park, with nary a blister or sore toe in sight on either occasion – and I did change into heels for lunch and then walked back in my FitFlops.

Fitflop Rock Chic at Harrods Whatever people say these will never be a fashion statement, or at least not in my book, so when I spotted FitFlop cha Cha Sandal Harrods’ ‘Rock Chic’ version, yours for a snip at 189.95 I did rather wonder who was going to splash out on something where there’s an almost identical sparkly FitFlop at so much less, however, there they are, adorned with Swarovski crystals and probably gorgeously glittery and available in black and navy, along with their beaded cousins the FitFlop Cha Cha.

Glittery and gold are the fastest selling variations of the summer FitFlop – because they go with everything and, with a lighter coloured sole, is a good variation on the nude shoe.  FitFlops now come in every colour you could possibly want and there are jelly and canvas versions as well which are less expensive – so no need to buy the knock-offs, go for the real thing.  You won’t regret it.

Just a note:  FitFlops don’t come in half sizes, so if you want yours to look neat on your feet try the size smaller than your normal half size.  eg.  If you would take a 3.5, try the 3.  And as I said, for a more flattering look on someone who is shorter go for the lighter coloured sole.