Wednesday, 30 April 2014

12 Long Cardigans that Flatter All Shapes

The long cardigan is a staple in any wardrobe.  Whereas the short sassy (and frequently boxy) version works perfectly with dresses, although it won’t flatter you if you’re large on top, the long cardigan, provided you don’t buy it too large, will sit in a shapely fashion all the way down, to be buttoned up or not as you choose, covers the bum and should go in nicely at the waist.

There’s also the waterfall or draped cardigan which  most of us love in principle but which can go out of shape very easily once you put them on.  More about those coming up soon.
White Stuff Long CardiganLong Ribbed Cardigan Jacket with Zip On SaleJaeger blue silk and wool long cardigan Liu
At this time of year a long cardigan comes into its own as a layering piece.  Wear it over a white tshirt and jeans or very slim trousers (or leggings) and it can turn casual dressed down into sexy, and if you, like me, like to spend much of the day in cropped workout leggings and a t-shirt there’s nothing stopping you slipping into one of these and a pair of gold sandals if you suddenly need to go out and look less than gym-ready.
Mint Velvet Boyfriend CardianReiss Contrast Trim Long CardiganReiss Pink Mist Long CardiganHobbs Cashmere Long Cardigan On Sale
The best thing about these is that they will cover up anything you don’t want on show, and can be as tight and fitted or as loose as  you want.  Several of these here are on sale, and I’ve put that in the picture tag, and some are not very well photographed but obviously how fitted you wear your long cardigan is up to you.
  Hobbs Claudine Long Cardigan On SaleOui Leopard Print CardiganHobbs Britannia CardiganDiesel Long Cardigan